What is not to love when a network decides to stereotype a certain class and poke fun at their habits and way of life? Well, Shameless does just that, but makes sure to include plenty of dramatic comedy, and always leaving the audience second guessing if they should believe what they really did just see. Shameless is really a show you either love or hate. Perhaps, you will hate it in the beginning, but when the right episode piques your interest, your own views of the show will change.



Shameless follows around the six children of Frank Gallagher, a no-good drunk “dad”. He doesn’t care much for parenting, and does the bare none in raising his children. Luckily, the family relies much more on Fiona, the eldest of the children. She takes on the mom role and makes sure the kids get their laundry fresh, food in their bellies, and does her best to keep them out of trouble.


In one of the very first episodes, we see just how dysfunctional the family truly is. While Fiona wakes up at an ungodly hour to make sure that the youngest in the family is bottle fed, Fiona must navigate around the kitchen while her passed-out father is laying right on the floor in the middle of it all. This is a common occurrence for the family, and Fiona must find ways to keep up with the bills and the costs the siblings may have. Thus, Fiona barely has a chance to breathe, constantly working multiple jobs while taking care of the baby in the family. Fiona also must manage the delicate balance of her social life when she meets a hot guy at the club one day. Tune in to see how Fiona manages to pull it all off, while the show focuses heavily on making fun of the stereotypically dysfunctional American family. images-1.jpg

Themes of this show: drama, comedy, reality show-esque

What this show is not: CSI cold case, superhero <3, romance, science fiction