How do teenagers cope with the bullying and betrayal that walks the halls of high school? Some cannot. This mini-series follows the life and death of Hannah Baker, a high school girl who tries to navigate the teenage world and tries her best to make friends. However, it goes terribly wrong after a series of unfortunate events cripples Hannah’s self-esteem and leads her to believe she doesn’t have a place on this Earth.

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The end result of Hannah’s death brings confusion, sorrow, grievance, and retribution. Before Hannah committed suicide, she decided to record her voice on 13 cassette tapes, each one giving a reason that added to her decision to commit suicide. Each reason implicates a different person, and those people also receive the tapes that Hannah has made for them. The tapes make their way to the 13 people that failed Hannah, and one of the pivotal characters that the series POV is told through is Clay Jensen. Clay Jenson, a distant friend of Hannah’s had a serious crush on her that never came to be. He is one of the people to receive Hannah’s tapes, but is conflicted about finding out why or how he made it on the tapes. Clay makes it his duty to figure out the end result of Hannah’s death, and to make the people who did her wrong pay for their hand in her death.

Themes of this TV show: drama, thriller, mystery, reality

What this show is not: CSI cold case, comedy, romance, superhero ❤