Ugly Betty is a hit or miss TV show. You either will love it or hate it. The episodes can grow on you. The reason is from sheer empathy for the main character or for the fact that you just have to know how she will embarrass herself next. Betty  (America Ferrara) is not your typical magazine-loving fashionista. Instead, she proudly wears her own style, much polar than the norm. Betty is true to herself, and never lets the fashion industry overtake her personal style.

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This comes at a cost. In season 1 of the very first episode, Betty is not taken seriously, nor is she given a fair chance at her dream job interview to work for a prominent NY magazine.  Instead, she is asked to leave right away when the interviewer takes one look at her. Betty lacks the streamlined style and beauty expected of her in this kind of business world. She goes home deflated after the poor encounter, but it isn’t before long she hears back from Mode magazine. The Chief of the magazine just recently hired his son to be Editor of Mode, but his son is a womanizer who is devoid of the focus and dedication necessary to run a magazine. So to solve this problem, the son’s dad, Bradford Meade, hires Betty so that his son, Daniel, will stop sleeping with his assistants. It works. Betty is hired for all the wrong reasons.

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The rest of the show pans out as an embarrassing sitcom, which leaves the audience slapping their foreheads every time Betty does the wrong thing. It isn’t before long, Betty learns to stand up to the aggressors while never losing her true, one of a kind identity.There’s a lot of other situations going on in the show, but the main focus always is on Betty and her constant struggle to fit in.

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The show is plausible in its  genuine portrayal of the beauty world, but reads much like the movie, The Devil Wears Prada. However, if given a fair chance, this could become your new favorite go-to show, with six seasons to catch up on (2006-2010).

Themes in this show: reality-check, drama, almost no romance between the main character and other supporting roles, soap opera, comedy

What this show is not: CSI cold case, thriller, mystery, superhero <3, suspense