When is a hot teen werewolf not enticing? This tv show has it all: drama, thrills, and even funny moments provided by Stiles (Dylan O’brien), sidekick to Scott McCall (Tyler Posey).

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The show focuses on a male teenager named Scott McCall, an outcast, who one day gets bitten by a mysterious creature while he is walking through the woods. McCall ends up unstable, having undergone a morphing change he can’t even understand. As he tries to figure out what exactly happened to him, Scott is also attracted to a sweet girl named Alyson Argent (Crystal Reed), but can’t seem to get enough courage to talk to her. McCall must figure out how to control these newfound urges inside of him, and he must learn how to control the gift (curse?) he was bestowed.

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This show is a long running thriller that promises to have the audience at the edge of their seats. Each episodes tries to uncover the mysteries surrounding the strange creatures flooding in Beacon Hill.

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Themes of this show: thrills, drama, comedy, romance, mystery (but not overwhelmingly complex).

What this show is not: superhero, CSI cold case, horror,

*The CGI and special effects aren’t very that “special”. Viewers may be disappointed by the unrealistic looking props and/or face makeup/monster getup.