Lucifer  (Tom Ellis) has come to Los Angeles. He doesn’t want to be the devil anymore. He doesn’t want to work for his father. Simply put, he just wants to live his life out on Earth, in peace. But Lucifer can’t escape his father’s command forever. Lucifer is struck between being bad because you were born to be, and becoming good when those around you don’t want you to be.

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Lucifer owns a nightclub, the site where Lucifer’s celebrity friend gets shot (the one where he made a deal with her for her soul, and in return, he made her famous). Lucifer is concerned and wants to track down the murderer. He teams up with this attractive detective named Chloe. Chloe perplexes Lucifer; she is actually a good person to the bone, and doesn’t have the same petty evil that Lucifer has seen in all other humans. He is intrigued by her. Together, they work together to find out who murdered Lucifer’s friend. While Lucifer is slowly becoming a person who cares far more than a bad guy should, Lucifer’s father is after him–and he wants Lucifer back in Hell.

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This show is something to watch, but be forewarned that you may lose interest after the fourth episode.

Themes in this show: suspense, thriller, mystery, drama

What this show is not: comedy, heavy romance, superhero <3, reality check