The Arrow focuses on  millionaire man named Oliver Queen who gets marooned on an island for five years, has a mental breakthrough, and comes back to civilization as a vigilante fighting crime at night. He dresses in a mask and learns how to kick butt, gets the name Green Arrow, and ends up as a protector of his city. Much to his namesake, he kicks butt using a bow and arrow.  He gathers a team of intelligent people  (Felicity) to help him fight the crimes in the city. The show also makes use of other superheroes like Super Girl and The Flash by intertwining the characters in various episodes.

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Arrow is like The Flash but with a condescending attitude. Don’t get me wrong, the show is entertaining, but Oliver Queen misses a crucial personality trait that makes Barry Allen (from the Flash) a more appealing superhero.

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The Arrow is not humble nor gracious. He knows he’s a hero and doesn’t doubt it for a second. The problem with this air of attitude is that he cannot connect to an audience who favors those that shows gratitude with a bit of reviled self-esteem. The Arrow is so sure of himself that he most often comes off as better than the rest–a quality not well suited for a superhero. The Flash shows his flaws countless times, and makes him more accessible to the audience.

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If you like pompous superheroes then you should tune in.

This show has suspense, thrill, romance, mystery, and of course, superhero <3.

What this show is not: comedy, horror, reality-check