Many of us like to watch tv shows that aren’t surface deep. Although at first glance it may seem that The Mindy Project is far from truth telling, the show is bright with humor while simultaneously being laden in bitter reality. The show centers on an ego-centric, smart, yet outspoken, early 30’s woman named Mindy Lahiri, who happens to also be a successful OB/GYN.

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While navigating her stressful workplace and Shulman & Associates, a practice situated in NYC, Lahiri has trouble fitting into the cookie-cutter image of what a Harvard graduate doctor usually behaves like. Instead, Mindy takes it upon herself to make sure everyone knows she is up to date on the latest celebrity news/gossip, has no problem admitting her love for food, and is definitely seeking an eligible Manhattan bachelor, preferably a Caucasian male who is just as successful as she is.

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The show boasts of a satirical outlook on a reality that seems to good to be true at first, but later surprises its viewers with personal, empathetic situations all can relate to. During the first season, as a new hire at Shulman, Lahiri faces the stark reality that her new coworkers struggle to gain a  respectful, fond bond with her, especially  Dr. Danny Castellano, who later becomes a love interest/hater. Lahiri traverses many different areas of common entertainment: love, work problems, frenemy troubles, money problems, and even tackling societal issues like white privilege in the latest episode released this week. Mindy does a splendid job of using black humor concerning her own self-depreciating issues (weight, being a woman of color, and liking “basic” things). The viewers laugh along with her serious, yet conjoling tone.

Themes of this show: satirical, humorous, reality-check, drama, romance

What its not: CSI-cold case, reality-TV, thriller, sci-fi, superhero-esq.

Find it on HULU and Fox every Tuesday’s. Try to catch up, there are quite a few seasons, and I’m sure most of the episodes will have you laughing out loud.

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