Everyone likes a good post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama sans zombies and flesh-eating monsters. This show balances the perfect science fiction thriller with the right amount of scary stuff that humans never want to face.

Season 1 starts off on a ship in space, a space station if you will, that houses the last remaining human* life. The space station is forever floating in an orbit not too far from the Earth. So why is human civilization floating in space and not chilling on big old blue? Well, it turns out, that 100 years earlier, the planet was enveloped in a nuclear war–an Armageddon– that basically destroyed any chance of life and decimated all previous life. The Earth has been barren of human life since that disaster, and the people in space are hungering to step foot back on their planet.

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But they aren’t sure if the radiation from the explosions of 100 years ago will kill them. So how do they solve this Catch 22? Why not send the prisoners from the space station to test the ground out first, to see if its habitable for the people that actually matter? That’s exactly what the space station governed body does.

One of those prisoners happens to be Clarke Griffin, and 99 other juvenile delinquents.

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So the Committee sends 100 teenagers down to Earth, and puts trackers on them to make sure they can monitor their vitals for signs of radiation poisoning.

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Low and behold, the teenagers are just happy to be roaming free, and they don’t like being watched by the Arc. So they rip off their wristband trackers, and run amuck. Sounds a little like Survivor on steroids, but this show holds the promise of giving the viewers much more than that.

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After landing, the teenagers realize that they aren’t really alone on Earth, and those that already live there aren’t so happy about their invasion. The teenagers think they have it bad, but soon find out that the Arc is running out of oxygen, and its only a matter of time before the rest of the 4000 people who lived in space want to come down and join the party.

The show focuses on Clark Griffin, who is the daughter of a doctor, but a true borne survivor. She takes the lead role in the TV-show and later goes on to become a pivotal character that many want to kill/follow.

Themes found in the show: drama, sci-fi,thriller, romance, rise to power,

What this show is not: CSI cold case, superhero<3, comedic, satirical, The Walking Dead,

Tune in on the CW every Wednesday @ 8pm.

*they thought they were the last ones in the Universe. How naive is that?