Elliot Alderson (Rami Malek)  is a troubled 27 year old who works as a cybersecurity engineer. In the show, he is quickly made aware of the clandestine operations going on in the US. The US is “brainwashing” and misinforming the general consumeristic populations to keep buying stuff, and these companies are slowly taking over corporate America. Elliot dedicates his nights to hacking the bad guys–the men who cheat on their girlfriends, the ones that are involved in wrongdoings– and collecting the information about those people in files so that he can covertly surprise them in their tracks. Elliot is also an active drug addict. In many of the episodes, he is seen taking different pills, like Oxycodone, and smoking weed, all provided by his drug addled next door female neighbor.

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Elliot is also portrayed as a troubled character–having depression and bipolar disorder. In the very first episode, he is portrayed as an unstable, neurotic individual who must go to therapist visits to cope with the voices in his head. The show features voiceovers done by Elliot, giving the viewers an intimate look into how much Elliot really struggles to function as a normal human being in a very dissatisfying society.  Right away, the audience is made aware of how much Elliot despises the consumer riddled America, and desperately wants to do something about it.

That is when Elliot is scouted by an anonymous hacker group to hack the multibillion dollar industry known as Evil Corp. That is where Episode 1 takes off. Can Elliot really use his skills to successfully complete an operation to rid America of Evil Corp or get caught trying?

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This show is very robotic, very monotonous in tone, and requires a love for the type of vigilantes who don’t fight with swords but with computer code instead. This show isn’t for those who are looking for dramatic action and heart-throbbing romance. Elliot is a very serious, very dull, yet very emotional central character. Try to get to Episode 3 before calling it quits.

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Themes in this show: psychological thriller, drama, a tad sci-fi, reality check, excessive drug use, conspiracy driven.

What this show is not: CSI cold case, romance, comedy, superhero <3, supernatural