A lot of us become livid when we find out that modern day networks try to hijack a classic tv show and revamp it. Many don’t want to drop their high standards and keep and open mind when seeing something new. But this show wasn’t done with a weak hand, and deserves that precious chance.

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The show focuses on Angus “Mac” MacGyver, who is in layman terms, absolutely brilliant. He did spend his time as a war hero, but that’s not what makes him special. Instead, it’s his way of solving problems with the objects laying a few feet from him. Mac can create bombs out of detergent, a flashlight out of wire, or a jackhammer out of a screw. His mind has a way of seeing the world in a different, unique way, and his main passion is saving lives (you probably already got that from the war hero part, but it should be more clear now).

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It isn’t surprising then that Mac takes a job as a field agent for a secret organization known as the Phoenix Foundation, and works along two other very important characters: Jack Dolton, a former CIA agent still saving lives, and a genius computer programmer named Riley Davis. The three of them are sent out on a new mission for each episode, nearly getting killed in the process, and putting the bad guys away for good.

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Each episode is filled with thrilling scenes, near-death experiences, and air of mystery as to what keeps these three together and their history before joining the Good Cause. While battling the bad guys, the characters do throw in some good knee-slapping remarks.
Please give this show a chance, and try not to guffaw at the visual effects being used, but focus more on the characters and what they bring to the table.
Catch the episodes on CBS every Friday at 9pm.
Themes in this show: action, drama, mystery, almost a CSI cold case, almost nonexistent romance (on the DL), sorta LOL in unexpected parts,
Themes not in this show: superhero love, comedy, sci-fi,