Have you ever been accidentally artificially inseminated at your routine gynecologist appointment by a doctor who is the sister of a rich, playboy badboy? We didn’t think so. Based on a Spanish telenovela, this satire revolves around Jane Gloriana Villanueva and her hilariously, ridiculously coincidental, but poignantly surprising life as a 23 year-old. Religiously conscientious, but a bad luck magnet, Jane finds herself stuck in some pretty tough situations on the very first episode of season 1. After visiting her gynecologist, Dr. Luisa Alver, someone who is truly not fit to doctor on THAT particular day, Jane finds out she was artificially inseminated by her. Villanueva finds her life turned upside down, and must decide on whether or not she should keep the baby. Not only does Jane have to face a newborn, but she must face the father who generously donated the accidental sperm. That future father so happens to be Rafael Solano, a 30 year-old owner of the Marbella hotel, and well known for his looks and enthusiastic title asa lady’s man.Image result for jane the virgin

While navigating through that serious state of affair, the show also focuses on Jane and her ever revolving door of men she and her family later critique as “not the one.” Jane meets Michael Cordero, a handsome PO who also is smitten with Jane, but is shocked to hear the heavy news. Jane, although previously a stranger to Rafael, is now ever tied to his life through this series of events. She must decide between two people who end up falling for her raw, endearing personality. Jane must also navigate the difficult terrain of evil intentions sentenced against her from her sheer, accidental involvement with Rafael (season 1 plays out like a murder mystery, but with a lot more romance). Image result for jane the virgin

One of the greatest highlights of this show is the overlaid narration occurring in each episode. The show is told as if someone were reading you a story, but with live, simultaneously-independent action. The narration features a third person omniscient voice-over, adding to the dramatic scenes and scripts in each episode. The show also features characters who speak Spanish, but provides subtitles for those that are rusty in the language of love.

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Themes in this show: drama, satirical, comedic, romance, mystery

What this show is not: CSI cold case, sci-fi, thriller, superhero-esque.