This show has long been canceled, but its worth watching the seasons that were produced. The show focuses on a central character named Jane Quimby. A humble, aspirational, highschooler who wants to be a fashion designer more than anything else in the world. But to be a fashion designer, you must be ruthless, right?

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It seems as though Jane can never catch a break, always one hand short from making it big. As she so desperately wants her clothes to be introduced to the public, she pretends to be a hip, early 20’s fashionista and applies for a prestigious position at Donavan and Decker.

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Miraculously, she gets the position as assistant to a brutal fashion executive named Grey Chandler. While balancing life as a junior in high school and as a put together 22 year old at D&D, Jane is struggling to make sure no one finds out her big secret, all the while making a name for herself in the fashion business.

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This is a great tv show to watch all the way through for several reasons. First, the main characetr, Jane, is very likable and “adorkable” enough to sympathize with. She doesn’t give up even when the going gets tough, and she has many suitors who are after her (a very suspenseful, amusing setup).

Jane also has to deal with the fact that she may or may not be in love with her best friend since childhood, Billy. Overall, a great show to watch and comparable to the Devil Wears Prada.

Themes of this show: drama, romance, reality-check

What this show is not: CSI cold case, superhero love, thriller, comedy