You either love Lena Dunham or you don’t. This show can border on a hit-or-miss sort of situation, but giving it a chance is surely our recommendation. The tv show centers on a mid 20’s woman living in the Big Apple named Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham)  who navigates life as a victim of bad luck. She wants to be a writer, but can’t catch the big break, and wants to be the leader of a groupie but has friends who really march to their own drum.

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Season 1 starts off with Hannah being financially cut off by her parents, and while this devastates Hannah at first, it brings her to the realization that she must begin Adulthood as a responsible individual who makes her own $$. This is a problem because Hannah wants to be a successful, well-acclaimed author.

But it seems as though her dream has other plans. There’s three other members of the tv show that play important supporting characters/lead issues in the show:

Marnie, a self-absorbed music-loving struggling adult,

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Shoshanna, a blabber mouth who thinks she knows everything but is still in college learning,

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and Jessa, a careless British sociopath who is also Shoshanna’s wrecking cousin.

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The show is really about Hannah and her failed coping mechanisms in trying to pass the adulthood stage without scars. She navigates rocky relationships, terrible situations, and devastating losses.
Check it out on HBO.

Themes in this show: drama, romance, reality-check,

What this show is not: CSI cold case, sci-fi, comedy, superhero <3, action, thriller, mystery.