Fleabag is an Amazon original. This means that it can be good or  horribly bad. This show is somewhere in between, and for many, it is an acquired taste. The show focuses on a woman living in London who seems to be a bit of a sociopath, but really is going through a depressive spell after the death of her close friend, Boo.


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The show is put together as a dialogue-infused sitcom, and includes multiple asides by the main character. As “fleabag” talks to the camera, she narrates a situation that is about to happen, or makes commentary on the situations that are already happening. The asides are poignant, hilarious, and are the parts where most of the laughter can be found.


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The series is very short, only 6 episodes long, so watching it through one sitting is best advised. At first episode, one may think that the show is a bit odd/eccentric, and you would be right to call it that. After getting over the initial quirkiness/unusualness of the show, the audience will be treated to funny one-liners, desperate side glances, and trying to coming to terms as Fleabag reveals what exactly happened to Boo.


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