Being a maid for the rich and wealthy is never easy. But being targeted and killed as a maid is even worse. Each season of this show (there are four all together) centers around a group of maids who take it upon themselves to look out for each other. When this goes sour in a wealthy household, the maids find out that one of their own was senselessly murdered. The show follows four maids in particular, Rosie Falta, Marisol Suarez, Carmen Luna, Zoila Diaz, as they navigate working for the rich.

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The maids have their own code of conduct, but much of their own hopes and dreams are smothered by the people they work for. Season 1 starts off with a maid named Flora Hernandez being killed in the house she worked at. Marisol’s son was convicted for the crime even though she knew her son was innocent. Even though Marisol is a English professor at a university, she goes undercover as a maid and works for the prestigious couple, Adrian Powell and his wife. The longer Marisol stays undercover, the more weird happenings become apparent. Marisol is determined to get her framed, innocent son out of jail, and she will do whatever it takes to find out who killed Flora Hernandez.

The show is really put together. The audience is treated to four separate story lines that connect in clever ways. Although the plot line for season 1 revolves around the murder of a maid, the other maids in the show have their own problems to deal with, like falling in love with their boss (Rosie), being the boss of their boss (Zoila), and keeping alive a very ambitious dream of becoming a famous singer (Carmen). The show has moments of laughter, moments of sadness, and moments of frustration. Image result for devious maids

There are four seasons so far, so you better get a head start. Each season focuses on an uncanny murder that involves everyone.  Find it on Hulu, Netflix, and other sites alike.

Themes in this show: mystery, suspense, drama, romance, CSI cold case,

What this show is not: thriller, LOL funny, satirical, superhero <3, reality check

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