Deemed an “American sitcom,” New Girl is like your best friend who “talks just a little too much.” New Girl is an acquired taste, proving to attract a very particular type of audience. Much like Two Broke Girls, or The Mindy Project, the show really just pokes fun at the type of quirky people who coexist with others that are just a tad unusual themselves. The show centers on a late 20’s teacher named Jess who moves into a loft occupied by three other guys named Nick, Winston, and Schmidt. Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel), an adorable dork, ends up having many interesting adventures in Los Angeles, all the while navigating the contrasting terrain set by the three males who find Jess quite kooky in her antics. Sometimes accompanied by her childhood beauty friend, Cece, Jess proves friendship can last a lifetime (and later, Cece’s presence expands on the show to become an important, supporting character).


The show is a single-camera comedy, but borders more on the dramatic side. The show also contains elements of emotional one-liners, fueled by the emotionally raw characters that speak them. You’ll soon find out how lovable “childish” Nick is, how OCD-like the overly confident Schmidt can be, and the quietly hilarious moments shared with Winston. Many episodes introduce other characters who will surely leave an impression on you (Robbie!). The issues Jess often faces are ┬átruly nonfiction in their wake. Jess is definitely the star of the show, but beware, those that are not fond of “quirkiness” should stay away. For those that dare, grab a chocolate ice cream cone and enjoy the light-hearted, reality-driven people problems wrapped in a cute bow of togetherness.

images-2.jpgThis show has the following themes: comedy, drama, reality-eque, sometimes romantic.

What this show is not: CSI cold case, a lovefest, nor an action-packed rollercoaster.

Who should watch this show: If you are into The Mindy Project, Modern Family, 2 Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory, it borders on similar thematic elements.